The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.” – Leonardo da Vinci

I am dedicating this month’s blog to Leonardo da Vinci as he was born over 560 years ago today, April 15th. His curiosity about life was impeccable. His brilliance has been an inspiration and a mystery for centuries.

Imagine if Leonardo da Vinci was complacent with mediocrity and had given up on learning, seeking and discovering…

Da Vinci used the 67 years of his existence to challenge life as we know it today.  We may not be off the charts on the genius scale but how are we using our potential to innovate?

Many of us are content with just getting by on what we’ve been taught or what we read in passing on the internet.  We’ve taken shortcuts, and our challenges are diminishing.  Are we really using our potential to discover and create?  There’s an entire world of information and history, and our minds are unlimited!

Explore the possibilities…