Flock: The Eternal Rite of Spring


Take a look around you. What do you see? Spring has sprung. Everything is in full bloom (those with allergies are acutely aware). All around, the themes are new life and rebirth.

Flock is my tribute to this eternal rite of Spring. The dawn of life, the birth of color and the renewal of the spirit all come to life in this energetic work. Notice the universal image of the triumvirate father, mother and child seen through these figures of birds. The male appears in the center, flaunting his vivid plumage. The mother is off to the left, supervising as mothers do, and is the largest of the three signifying the weight of maternal influence. The child appears to the right of the father, diminutive yet bold. As the child looks back to its parents for guidance and support, we see our identity which is often the very thing from which we also struggle to free ourselves. Let this work encourage you to reconsider your family connections. Dare to partner with Spring and allow rebirth to happen within your soul. There is a time for everything – perhaps this is your time to mend, shed old hurts and move in new directions.