Ignition Wins Award!


This week Ralph learned that his painting Ignition received Special Recognition in the 10th Annual All Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition. The art jury commented that “Ralph White handles acrylic paint with a rich fluidity, especially in his red and silver painting Ignition. The force created by the large area of red seems electric with energy.”

Ralph himself had this to say about Ignition:
“My inspiration for this painting was the concept of daring, of having enough confidence to boldly begin a quest without the assurance of a successful outcome. Some people jump out of airplanes, some people race cars, some are willing to risk public opinion through their creativity. Ignition pays tribute to the energy and power of beginnings, of commitment to extraordinary ideas.

This painting is an example of my “Flow” technique, which I have enjoyed developing throughout 2007. The process of blending a myriad of colors while preserving each distinct hue has resulted in some of my favorite work to date. I continue to be fed and encouraged by my fellow artists from the FusionArt Academy. This Special Recognition serves not only to validate my artistic vision, but theirs as well. I am grateful to Upstream People Gallery for the opportunity to be part of this exhibition.”

To view the entire exhibition, please visit www.upstreampeoplegallery.com .