Rusted Sun

Rusted Sun

Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” – Walt Whitman

On the hottest day of any given year, the heat of a Rusted Sun spreads across the atmosphere as if it restrains itself from bursting into a blaze.

This remarkable sphere contains all the beauty and energy of the most prehistoric fires. The yellow flares against the dark crimson surface remind us of molten and the smoldering conception of a fiery planet.

Sometimes we need to gather our resources together and to build up energy for the demands of our lives.  To harbor the forces within us before we take direct action. 

The key is to never let those energies and passions die within us. Sometimes our circumstances prevent us from tending to our innermost desires.  Sometimes we must be patient in the face of our responsibilities, and delay pursuit of our dreams.  It is up to us to keep those dreams healthy and alive, to keep them from rusting in our spirits so that when the time is right we may go forward with confidence.

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