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June 2015 Ralph White Newsletter

June 2015 Ralph White Newsletter


May 2015 Ralph White Newsletter

May 2015 Ralph White Newsletter

Press Release - 17th Contemporary Art International

Ralph White is one of 29 artists selected from U.S., Canada, Turkey and India for the 17th Contemporary Art International exhibition through Upstream People Gallery.

"RALPH WHITE of Redondo Beach, California has a special style in his ability to make acrylic work for his intentions. This is wonderfully developed in his recent work "Mystic Forest" - a rather large piece extending seventy-two inches in width. The rich textural qualities and the multi-colored abstracted trees make for a wonderfully strong painting."

Click HERE to view the exhibit.

Ralph's featured paintings include:



Mystic Forest



Indigo Soul

April 2015 Ralph White Newsletter


April 2015 Ralph White Newsletter

ART UNLIMITED - 100 Contemporary Artists (I LOVE ART) Book

Ralph White Art has been featured in the new book
ART UNLIMITED - 101 Contemporary Artists (I LOVE ART)
To view in eBook format, click on the link.  (Ralph's work is on pp. 268-269.)

"ART UNLIMITED - 101 Contemporary Artists is a collectible, collective art book for collectors, galleries, museums, dealers and art lovers, who seek the latest trends in the art world... Marketing and distribution is through large wholesalers and bookstores, ecommerce including Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and many others."  The book features Ralph's paintings ChromaticResonanceCardinal, and Lilies. 

Chromatic Resonance
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Cardinal Lilies
cardinal 20140915 2059861963 lilies 18x24 20100224 1815690904